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What Is the Best Mascara for Asian Lashes?


What Is the Best Mascara for Asian Lashes? Amaterasu Beauty

Raise your hands if you are fed up with straight barely there asian lashes?

We all want fanned, full, and fabulous lashes. But for many people—especially those of Asian decent—genetics may have other plans. The thing is, unlike our lengthy-lashed sisters from other parts of the world, our asian eyelashes are naturally shorter, thinner, and straighter.

Whether you have Asian lashes or simply aren’t blessed with the voluminous, sky-scraping variety, Amaterasu is here to help. Bid farewell to short straight lashes and say hello to long luxurious eye fringes with these lash-lifting tips and the best mascara for Asian lashes.

Curl your eyelashes first

Before we reveal the best mascara for Asian lashes, plan for a little prep first.
When it comes to creating and maintaining that lovely lash lift effect, some groundwork can go a long way.

So, before you apply any mascara, always start by curling your lashes. Lash curlers are super simple to use – and they can make all the difference.

When you are curling your lashes, there are some key steps to follow to create the best results. Begin by starting from the roots of the lashes and slowly move the curler up to the tips.

Apply the same pressure on your eyelashes throughout the process. Make sure to 
only pinch the roots to properly lift your lashes. For the ultimate curl, repeat the process several times.

Not all eyelash curlers are created equal. There are a lot of products out there to choose from. But if you have single upper lids, hooded eyelids, or monolids, go with a curler that is specifically designed for Asian eyes.

Use a lash fixer
Looking for longer lasting lift? Use a lash fixer. This transparent gel solidifies the curl, providing volume and sheen to the lashes. Applying a lash fixer will also help prevent smudging and flaking.

Using the wand, remember to start from the roots and work your way upwards to the tips. To form an even coating, be sure to apply the fixer to all the sections, including the middle, front, and back. Now that you have the foundation in place, it is time to apply the mascara.

What to look for when choosing mascara for Asian lashes?
On the lookout for the best mascara for those Asian lashes, but not sure where to start? With countless makeup products inundating store shelves and websites alike, finding the one can sometimes feel like an uphill battle. Here are the top formulas for plumping, lengthening, and lifting Asian lashes.

 * Applicator. 
When it comes to getting those intense 3D lashes, using the right applicator can be a gamechanger. So, what makes a great wand? The curve, of course. The more curved the applicator, the better chance your eyelashes will curl along with the mascara.

* Smudge-proof

Always choose a smudge-proof mascara. Because Asian lashes are shorter and straighter, there is a higher chance that your lashes will come into contact with the skin just under your lower lids. Over time, the oil from your skin will break down the mascara and smudge.

* Volumizing.
If you have thin lashes, a nice thick formula is a must. But here is the kicker, don’t go too thick. Two coats of mascara will do the trick, but after that, things can get a bit chunky. Piling on the mascara can weigh down Asian lashes, as well as putting you at a greater risk for clumps.

* Lengthening. 
Lacking in the lash department? If you are all about long fluttery eye-ball fringe, the average mascara simply isn’t going to cut it. Choose a lengthening formula mascara for longer and lusher lashes. For legendary lashes that refuse to quit, don’t leave the house without a lengthening mascara.

The best mascara for Asian lashes
For all you mascara junkies out there, here is the scoop on the best mascara for Asian lashes. When on the hunt for your favourite mascara, turn to Amaterasu for top-quality and innovative formulas.

Our ultra-amazing mascara is waterproof, smudge-proof, and flake- proof, specifically designed for all-day wear. What’s more, our curling mascara also comes with a uniquely designed, curved brush applicator that delivers the perfect curving action every time.

What if we told you that you could have all the lush, lash-lifting results in just one bottle. The reasons for choosing our mascara are almost as endless as the lash length you will soon be enjoying. If you are in the market for a mascara that delivers more, then we are here to tell you that Amaterasu is hands down the best brand in the business.

Think you are a slave to genetics? Think again. With our miracle mascara, yes, you too can have the incredible, eye-catching lashes that you have always dreamed about!

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