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Why you need to use a Shimmer Eye Pencil Amaterasu Beauty All Day Formula

This month, we interviewed a like-minded entrepreneur, brow artist Alisha Noon. We particularly love her observations regarding how makeup trends are going too far off from being natural looking. Whatever happened to enhancing your natural features, not altering your look completely so you no longer appear like yourself anymore?

When I created our Shimmer Eye Pencil, I was on a plane to Japan to attend my cousin’s wedding. During my plane ride, I was dreaming of this Shimmer Pencil which would highlight the inner corner of my eyes as well as acts as a very versatile highlighter for my entire face. My goal was to be able to create a ‘subtle’ and fresh look with this product that would last all day without smudging off.

Have you ever noticed that newborn babies, have a natural glow in the inner corner of their eyes? It adds sparkles when they stare at you with their bright soulful eyes. The goal to looking natural and fresh is for someone to comment you look beautiful, but are not quite sure what you are doing differently that day. Subtle yet impactful. This is what sets our Shimmer Pencil apart from the rest.

Of course, wearing shimmery makeup nowadays encompasses a whole different meaning. It is associated with extra shiny pigment and truthfully, it is a bit stage-like for me personally. Everyone has their own preferred look and it's so fun to express ourselves by experimenting with different looks, however I am always passionate about creating a natural yet dynamic look.

With our Shimmer Eye Pencil, all you need to do is to apply either the white shimmer or gold shimmer in the inner corner of your eyes for a quick pick-me-up look. If you have a minute more to spare, you can use a little under your brow bone to create an illusion of an instant lift. Other areas you can illuminate are by dotting the Shimmer Pencil on your cheekbones or upper lip and gently soften it by blending with your fingertips. Many makeup artists who are a fan of our Shimmer Pencil love to warm up the product by drawing the pencil on the pad of their index finger. Once it is slightly melted, pat it gently on the desired area to create instant, sultry shimmer.

Bring out your inner Goddess with our Shimmer Eye Pencil.


Till next time, take care!


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