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I have been meeting so many new Moms lately who share stories of themselves barely sleeping with the new additions to their family. A little makeup helps in so many ways, but not just any makeup. It has to be one that will not smudge, flake or run easily. Who has time to fuss with their makeup when they have a little one strapped to their chest?

New Moms seem to be hyper-aware of toxic ingredients that are present in products available in the marketplace. When women become Mothers, they have this natural and immediate instinct to be protective by eliminating harmful things from their diets and lifestyle.

Toxins can be lurking in cosmetics, cleaning supplies, laundry detergents and many other common household items. Some of the products our Mom clients can’t live without are our Liquid Brow Liner and our Mascaras. Brow Liner is a super quick pick-me-up and it is certainly a necessity to look more awake after those long, sleepless nights. Our Mom clients are also in love with our mascaras because our formula works quickly in helping to create a full set of lashes that will last all day long.

We are elated to hear that so many new Moms are learning about Amaterasu through other Moms. They love the fact that we offer such clean ingredients. You can visit the EWG's Skin Deep website to see how each of our ingredients rank: very low on the hazardous scale. It is really important to me that we do our best to formulate with the safest ingredients, without compromising performance.

For me, makeup can be super green and super organic, but if it smudges after 20 mins then it doesn't serve the right purpose. I love the way of the Eastern Philosophy of the Tao, which basically states that life is all about balance.

Here's to all of us finding balance and love.

Happy Mother's Day!


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