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Our theme for this shoot was: “We Shine Brighter Together.” We have selected three fabulous young women to illustrate this theme and to showcase our star makeup product #ShineBright Makeup Set.

Our company philosophy is empowering beauty, which we strive to do in every aspect of our business. When we do photo shoots, it is very important to us to select models who are more than just a pretty face. We love to feature women from all walks of life who are doing amazing things in the world.


Here is a brief introduction of them: Sara met both Savannah and Tracy at different meditation classes. Savannah is a world traveler (next stop Spain!) and has an online program empowering young women.

Tracy is currently expanding on her line of holistic products and accessories and working on her masters in Luxurious Fashion.

Our final model, Paulina was spotted by Elise at a pre-school class and she is from Mexico where she offers a special therapy using horses to work with autistic children.

Each one of these women shines on their own, but when we put them together they were absolutely stunning and radiant. We are so excited about these photos and can’t wait to share them with you over the next few months and tell you more about these amazing ladies.

Hopefully, these photos will act as an inspiration to everyone that we can do a little on our own, but we can do a lot together! When women join forces with one another, beautiful things happen. We Shine Brighter Together!

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