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In the past, Amaterasu founder Sara Au Yeong found that brow pencils and waxes, or any other brow product in the beauty market place, always made her brows look too artificial or heavy. That's not a look you may want every day and, as a makeup artist, it was something that Sara wanted to remedy not only for herself, but for everyone who wanted natural, fuller-looking brows.

So, she came up with our sheer, easy to layer, Liquid Brow Liner. 

Anyone can do their brows in a flash with our brow liner, but we still get some customers asking how they should be applying it.

Just for you, Sara has created a dedicated video demonstrating the application process of this revolutionary brow product.

Starting at the tail end of her brows, moving inward, Sara uses quick strokes to fill in any gaps. While following the natural shape of her brows, you can see that Sara is always adding strokes in the same direction her brow hairs are going. For example, near the front her brows she uses short upward strokes, but towards the middle she uses longer, more horizontal strokes.

As you can see in the video, Sara was able to complete one brow in less than 30 seconds!

This is also Sara's everyday brow look. Whether she’s going grocery shopping or working out, filling in her brows with Liquid Brow Liner is the one thing she will always do.

In this video, Sara is using our Taupe Liquid Brow Liner. 

You may be wondering “how does that work?” because if you take a look at the description for Taupe on our website, you’ll see that it’s usually suited for those with lighter, blonder hair, but Sara has naturally dark brows.

Since Taupe is a cooler, more ashy shade, if you’ve also got dark brows and you want to stay away from a super intense look, it can actually create a softer look than Brunette or Cocoa. Taupe could be your secret weapon for everyday feminine and beautiful brows!

Watch the full video to see the difference using our Liquid Brow Liner can make and how easy it really is to apply. It’s a lot simpler than you may think. 

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