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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Eyeliner

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Eyeliner

Eyeliner is a makeup staple that can enhance the natural beauty of your eyes and create a variety of looks, from subtle to dramatic. It has been the one makeup I will not live without.

With so many types and brands of eyeliner available, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one for your needs and preferences. This ultimate guide will help you navigate the world of eyeliner and find the perfect one for you.

Determine the type of eyeliner you want.

The first step in choosing the perfect eyeliner is to determine the type you want. There are several types of eyeliner available, including pencil, liquid, gel, and powder. Pencil eyeliner is the most common and easiest to use, while liquid eyeliner provides a more precise and dramatic look. Gel eyeliner is great for creating a smoky eye, and powder eyeliner can be used for a softer, more natural look. Consider your skill level, desired look, and personal preferences when choosing the type of eyeliner that's right for you.


Liquid Eyeliner

If you are looking for THE Liquid Eyeliner (formerly 'The Geisha Liner'), that does it all, look no further! Amaterasu’s Liquid Eyeliner will not disappoint. The brush is meticulously hand assembled in Japan, using only the best quality microfibre that will not fray. It is known as the ultimate brush tip for perfect application in the makeup industry.

Even newbies or those with super unsteady hands can easily create the most polished looks with this eyeliner. If you think only makeup artists can help you achieve perfectly lined eyes, think again! This eyeliner is a game changer.

The other key feature of this eyeliner is in its staying power. Brand Creator Sara Au Yeong tested the eyeliner in every possible condition where it might smudge: the shower, massages, workouts, and on her trips to Asia in over 40 degree Celsius weather. It stays on beautifully every time. Some of our clients even took it on camping trips where this product earned its nickname "The 24-hour Eyeliner."


Brow & Eye Pen

A 2-in-1 liner pen for brows and eyes with 24-hour staying power. With a pigment level between our Liquid Eyeliner and our original Liquid Brow Liner, The Brow and Eye Pen is perfect for those with sparse brows, alopecia, bald spots or gray hair. Available in two universal shades to give you the most natural-looking brows, and soft definition for the eyes.

How is it different from the Liquid Brow Liner, and the Liquid Eyeliner?

The Brow & Eye Pen is more opaque than our Liquid Brow Liner, making it a better option for those with barely-there brows. Additionally, the shades are cooler and lighter making it an ideal eyeliner for very fair skin tones and a perfect match for gray hair. 

We’ll let our founder, Sara, tell you the story…

“I receive emails with product ideas all the time, the top two requests were spun into the Brow & Eye Pen. My clients with gray hair wanted a product that matched their hair better and provided more opaque coverage to fill bald spots on their brows. The second request was for a lighter colour liquid eyeliner for those with super fair skin and those who simply want a lighter shade instead of jet black or black brown.”


Eye Pencil

The Amaterasu 24 hour Eye Pencil is truly non smudge. You will not want to be without it once you have experienced it! This sweat proof, humidity-proof, vegan formula has been tried and tested by top makeup artists and makeup aficionados around the world who praise its ease in application and long wearing power. 

This professional formula will easily outlast your sweatiest workout or water activity. It is also the perfect travel companion for trips to hot and humid destinations.  


Gel Liner

I love the idea of a gel liner. You would need a small tapered brush for application. Make sure your brush is sanitized and washed frequently with soap to avoid debris build up or contamination. 

As much as the formula is somewhat easy to apply, it has always smudged on me and I have yet to have find one that will stay put without giving me raccoon eyes.


Powder liner

You can easily use a moistened angle brush and glide it on your darker eyeshadow to create this a powder liner look. 

It is very easy to use however, staying power will most likely be shortest out of the rest of the eyeliners out there. If you have oilier lids, be sure to look for a formula that is truly smudgeproof and waterproof.


This is all from me today!


Till then, take good care




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