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Raising Awareness and Giving Back with Models Sidney, Genevieve and Anna

Raising Awareness Young Women Giving Back Models Beauty Amaterasu Canada


There's always more to someone than their occupation and that's we love to getting to know the women we work with on a more personal level. Recently, we had the chance to ask our lovely models a few questions.

We know you've seen the stunning images of Sidney, Genevieve, and Anna, but we wanted you to learn more about who they are. Keep reading to find out what these talented young women have to say about clean beauty, raising awareness, and giving back.


Sara: How do you feel Amaterasu Beauty is different when it comes to our stance on the topic of empowering women?

Sidney: I believe Amaterasu Beauty differs from the competition in how they promote women’s empowerment and healthier component production. Donations to local and international women’s centers and shelters shows consumers that Amaterasu’s bottom line goes further than just sales. Amaterasu Beauty supports the community while helping me to feel my most natural, beautiful, self.

Genevieve: It’s the fact that you’re stating how makeup isn’t used to hide insecurities or make women look different but to feel strong and powerful to use makeup as a form of art and our faces as a beautiful canvas.

Anna: Amaterasu Beauty not only focuses on makeup that is long-lasting, natural, and safe, but they also contribute to numerous organizations primarily focused on helping women in need.


Sara: Do you think it is important for a cosmetics company to care what ingredients go into our makeup and why?

Sidney: I think that it is SO important that cosmetic companies care what ingredients go into their products. Everyone deserves the healthiest and safest ingredients in anything they use on their body. That is why I love Amaterasu, because all their products have clean ingredients, I never have to worry.

Genevieve: Most certainly, especially because of how toxic ingredients could lead to skin irritation and downgrade the product and women’s confidence.

Anna: It's super important to ensure makeup ingredients are safe and as natural as possible to account for any sensitivities people might have.


Sara: Which is your favourite Amaterasu makeup and why?

Sidney: Amaterasu’s Ultra Volume Mascara is my new favorite mascara because it makes my eyelashes so voluminous. It stays on all day which means I can apply and forget. I even wear it while swimming and working out. Having a mascara that doesn’t run or smudge is hard to find, but Amaterasu has me covered!

Genevieve: The Geisha Blotting Papers! I have extremely oily skin and, with only 1 sheet, it absorbs all of the oils without taking off any of my makeup.

Anna: The Liquid Brow Liner; it looks very natural and is easy to apply.


Sara: We are huge on giving back socially. If there is an area you would love to focus on raising awareness, where would that be and why? For example: social housing, women shelters, food banks, children's welfare, etc…

Sidney: I would like to raise awareness on food banks. Around the world there are people living with food insecurity that don’t know where their next meal is coming from. I believe that nobody should worry about getting food for themselves or their family when we throw out so much every day.

Genevieve:  I believe housing is not a privilege. I believe it’s a necessity in life and everyone should be blessed with a roof over their head, no matter their pasts.

Anna: I think climate change needs to be taken much more seriously by everyone, as it’s effects are becoming more apparent, such as depleting the food supply of people who depend on land as their primary food source.


Sara: What is one thing you would like our followers to learn about you?

Sidney: I am a very creative person. I love to paint and draw; I also love creating art in front of the camera. It is an amazing feeling to see the finished product from a shoot or painting session, it always turns out better than I could’ve imagined.

Genevieve: I’m very passionate about modelling and spreading positivity. I love having fun and taking walks around the city at night.

Anna: I'm an artist! Most days you can find me with my hands covered in clay or holding a brush.

Thank you so much to Sidney, Genevieve, and Anna for taking the time to answer our questions. It was so wonderful to hear you all speak about the things you believe in and the importance of clean beauty.

We hope you all also enjoyed getting to know these three ladies more personally and remember to be on the lookout for more gorgeous images coming soon.

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