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The Eyebrow Queen

Our goal is to promote and support women in business. Alisha Noon is known in Vancouver as the brow Queen for her talent in making anyone look fabulous simply by just shaping your brows. Read on to learn more about this local legend and why we love her work and her awesome personality!

Sara: How long have you been doing brows?
Alisha: Technically 17 years (gasp!) but one could argue I’ve been doing brows since I messed my own up in 12th grade and spent the next 4 years trying to fix them.

Sara: How has the brow industry changed since you’ve started?
Alisha: Oh gosh, so’s blown up! It’s so crazy because when I first started doing brows, they were definitely “a thing”. But now, brows are “the thing”. To me, brows have always been sooooo incredibly important. I mean, they really are the frame to your face. Great brows can make you look fresh and bright even without a stitch of make-up on, bad brows can completely overshadow anything good that’s happening with your face. While I love that brows are at the forefront of beauty these days and everyone is realizing how important they are, I am less in love with all the gimmicky products that come on the market every second it seems and also the ever-so-prominant and popular “Instagram Brow”. The trend for brows to be natural yet groomed has somehow turned to brows being so OVERdone, they don’t look natural (or even human) at all! I am relieved because I think we are slowly coming out of that craziness as people realize that spending 20 min filling in your eyebrows with 4 different products is not necessary and doesn’t even look good. Natural, simple, less is more...that's the way to go, especially if you have them shaped properly to suit your face, you won’t need all the “stuff” to make them into something they’re not.

Sara: What do you like about the Amaterasu Liquid Brow Liner?
Alisha: I really like how easy it is to apply and how natural the finish is. A lot of brow pens on the market are easy to over apply and end up looking like a tattoo. With the Amaterasu Liquid Brow, even brow novices can apply it with ease and for those who prefer a bolder brow, it’s very buildable. I like to apply it to one area, then brush it out with a spooly brush, then apply to another area, brush it out and so on until you get your desired look. A little goes a long way though so make sure you stand back and check your work as you go or you could end up looking like Eugene Levy!


Sara: As the Brow Queen of Vancouver, you are always booked solid. What do you do to unwind from your busy days? 

Alisha: Ha! Well, that depends...sometimes dinner and a glass of wine (or 2) with friends, but a lot of nights I’m totally boring and like to completely zone out with my PVR or Netflix ;-) Vacations to sunny destinations or little weekends away to see friends when I can fit them in are also a must for me...

Sara: What does Empowering Beauty Everywhere mean to you?
Alisha: I think a lot of people look at make-up and personal grooming as superficial but it’s so much more than that. I see multiple times on a daily basis how a little bit of lipgloss or getting an eyebrow styling can change the way a woman walks out of my studio and presents herself to the world. Beauty IS empowering. It comes in all shapes and sizes and colors. I truly believe that being true to who you are and letting your inner light shine from within is the most beautiful, empowering thing and I am so happy to see more and more women (and men) doing and becoming this everyday. But sometimes, in order to feel confident on the inside, you need a little help to present yourself as strong and confident on the outside. I feel like this is my purpose and the purpose of everyone in the beauty industry. To help women feel empowered and beautiful so that they can put their best face forward and go out and do amazing things in and for the world.

I hope you enjoy learning about Alisha as much as we did. May Alisha’s responses act as an inspiration to you and remind you of your own unique and special beauty. 


Well wishes,


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