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Meet the Models | Akoy and Sage

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We love to get to know the models we work with for any of our photoshoots, so we were so glad that Akoy Deng and Sage Eckhart, from Lizbell Agency, were able to answer a few questions for us. Our Spring/Summer photoshoot captured Sara’s vision perfectly thanks to Liz Dungate and these wonderful young women who were a dream to work with. 

From modelling to what inspires them and the importance of clean beauty, here’s what we learned about Akoy and Sage:


Sara: What do you love best about being a model?

Akoy: I feel like I can be myself when I’m shooting and get creative with different poses. I like the anticipation of waiting for my photos to come out because they always surprise me with how good they turn out. Everyone involved in a photoshoot puts so much time, effort, and creativity to make it as unique as possible and I really admire that. I also really enjoy meeting new people and being part of the creative process.

Sage: The thing I love best about modelling is being able to collaborate with others to create art. I have always loved fashion and makeup. Modelling lets me become someone else for a short time which is so much fun. It is always fun to see the final product.


Sara: Who inspires you the most in your life and why?

Akoy: The person who inspires me the most is my boyfriend, Jude, because he encouraged me to model for the longest time and never gave up on me. He helped me get into better shape and tone up. He motivates me everyday to be a better person. 

Sage: I don't think I can really name just one person who inspires me the most. I am inspired by so many people for different reasons. I admire strong people who are honest and kind. I love MacGyver for his ingenuity and Hermione Granger from Harry Potter for her brains, and all the amazing women in my life who continue to guide me. 


Sara: Why do you think young women should care about what goes into their cosmetics?

Akoy: I think it’s important for women to know what goes in their cosmetics, so that when they use them they trust the products and will continue to use them without worrying about what they’re putting on themselves and whether the products are tested on animals etc. 

Sage: I think it is important to care about what goes into your cosmetics because certain chemicals can be harmful. I am a vegetarian and I really appreciate companies like Amaterasu that create vegan products. I care about the food I eat and feel it is also important to use natural cosmetics as much as possible. 


Sara: What is your favourite Amaterasu makeup and why?

Akoy: My favourite is the Liquid Brow Liner because it’s so easy and quick to use and lasts a really long time. 

Sage: I love the vegan Sage Eye Pencil! The colour is beautiful and makes your eyes pop. I love that it is smudge proof and lasts all day.


Sara: Why is giving back to your community important to you?

Akoy: Giving back to my community is important to me because I, hopefully, can be a role model for someone to look up to and to show that someone cares and is looking out for them. I feel like it gives people motivation to do what they want to do and not have any fears about the future. 

Sage: I feel giving back to your community is important because it lets you feel connected to others and make a positive impact. My mom has always instilled in me how important it is to practice kindness and help others when possible. I love to volunteer. Everyone wins when we help each other. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know me.


We hope you loved getting to know these wonderful ladies, as much as we did! Thanks to Akoy and Sage for your wonderful, insightful answers, and for taking the time to answer our questions. 

Zoe Olson, our third model from Jäger International Management, could not participate in this interview due to health implications. We also want to thank her and her agency for their participation in this beautiful shoot.

You can see more of Akoy, Sage, and Zoe throughout our Spring/Summer 2021 campaign over on our website and social media!

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