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Feature Canadian Makeup & Hair Artist: Jenny Valla

Makeup Artist Feature Fall 2022 Jenny Valla for Amaterasu Beauty

Jenny Valla is one of those artists you can't help but to be friends with. We met for the first time way back when I did my first tradeshow. It was there that Jenny first fell in love with our 24 hour Liquid Eyeliner. 

We are so happy to have finally work together on our first photoshoot last month. You will be seeing a lot of her work from now till the end of the year. I was so happy with Jenny that I hired her to do my hair for my recent wedding. Of course, she nailed it.

As an award winning and double Leo nominated Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist, let's just say, she has solid skills and talent. 

Sara: How long have you been doing makeup and hair? And I am super impressed that you have always opted for clean makeup since you began your career.

Jenny: I have been an artist for over 13 years now, I count my in school time as I was already working 4 months into my program! My 13th year anniversary since finishing school is coming up February 2023! I've always been an animal activist and so I knew going into school that I was going to strictly be a cruelty free artist!


Sara: You also teach makeup and hairstyling at John Casablancas. What has being an educator taught you?

Jenny: Teaching has really been a great experience for me and I have learned so much! Teaching brought me back to the basics of makeup artistry which you tend to lose when you are busy working nonstop in bridal, fashion and film. I often go back to the basics now especially when I teach my clients how to do a black cat eyeliner for the first time! Trace it out with black eyeshadow first before you go in with waterproof !!!


Sara: When we work together, I particularly love how meticulous you are with your art. Where did this trait come from? 

Jenny: Thank you Sara, that is an amazing compliment! I'm a very visual person and a bit OCD ha ha ha! I really do try to aim for perfection. I think it came from my mom, she is a master crafter and has always been so detailed in her work... She now teaches my son how to crochet and the way he is showing me how to do it brings me back to when I was a child learning how to sew buttons with my mom! 

 As seen in Vogue Elle 24 hour liquid eyeliner best waterproof smudgeproof Amaterasu Beauty

Sara: I absolutely enjoyed the story you told me about how you came across Amaterasu Beauty, when it was still Geisha Ink. 

Jenny: I saw you at The Canadian Makeup Show way back in the days.

Sara: Last but not least, I knew without even having to do a hair trial to have you style my hair for my wedding earlier this month. You nailed it! What is the most important thing you would share with other brides-to-be in order to achieve their dream hair or makeup for any special event?

Jenny: Keeping an open mind! As a Bridal Artist I've learned that inspiration images are extremely helpful especially without a trial session. I ask a lot of questions about what my clients hair is like day-to-day and how they usually style it day-to-day as well as what their experience is with a curl holding. So it is important for a bride to give as much information to their stylist as possible! I'm also very realistic with what can and can't be done. It can be really hard for a person to dissect a photo on Pinterest so I do try and help my clients envision the look on themselves while being realistic.


I hope you've enjoyed this Q&A. I highly recommend Jenny for your next special event or photoshoot. Not only is she skillful and professional, she is also extremely fun to work with. Visit Jenny here or on her IG account

She specializes in Flawless & Cruelty Free Beauty (cruelty/paraben/gluten free and vegan cosmetics available). 

Whether you are looking to spruce up your makeup skills or are planning on that much anticipated date night with your partner, a professional artist can really help by sharing their many tricks of the trade.


Have fun!


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