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Amaterasu Beauty Eye Pencil Launches
I am so pleased and proud to present to you the first ever Amaterasu Eye Pencil in black. It has been quite some time since I first dreamt of this perfect product to add to our smudge-proof eye collection. I have always been a huge fan of smouldering eye makeup and in order to truly create that look, I knew I needed an amazing eye pencil that was absolutely smudge-free.

I don’t know about you but, despite many years of searching, I personally have not found my dream pencil. So whenever I need something badly enough and I can’t find it, I just make it. That was how our first ever product, the Liquid Eyeliner came about.

As you get to know me, you’ll see that I’m extremely picky about quality and I have accumulated a graveyard full of rejected pencil samples in the last 6 years. The creative process is super time consuming as I have a set list of criteria that I send to my labs and they create a sample for me to test. As soon as I draw a line on my hand, I’ll know whether it measures up to my expectations or not. Most have failed but I didn’t give up and I am a firm believer in perseverance. When I want something badly enough, I always get it.

So, this month I am so excited for you to experience this extremely special product to me and all of us at Amaterasu. The perfect Eye Pencil is finally here. After years of refining and testing, we have developed an outstanding formula. The end result is a highly pigmented pencil that glides smoothly over your lids. No sharpener is required as the applicator retracts, providing convenience and more product, with just a simple twist. It’s, of course, water-proof and smudge-proof so that your only focus will be to look sultry and beautiful all day long.  

Happy Holidays!

Sara Au Yeong  


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