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 Amaterasu Exclusive, Dads Talk Makeup

ROSS CHANG – A father of 4 and a physician specializing in allergy and immunology at the Allergy Clinic.

TERRY POLACIK – A retired farmer who now farms as a hobby. Father to 4 kids.

JORDAN SENGARA – A commercial realtor, currently has 2 children and one more on the way any day now.

PARKER ANDERSON – A fire fighter for the city of Vancouver and new Dad to a 7 month old baby boy.



1) How many women in your life use Amaterasu?

ROSS: Four

TERRY: My wife, my two daughters and two of my granddaughters use Amaterasu.

JORDAN: Too many to count! Wife, sisters, mothers, aunts, cousins & friends.

PARKER: Most of the women in my life wear Amaterasu – my wife, mother, mother-in-law, sister, sister-in-laws and friends.


2) What is their favourite Amaterasu product(s)?

ROSS: Liquid Eyeliner, Eye Pencil and Massive Length Mascara

TERRY: It’s a toss up because they love them all but they say they can’t live without the Liquid Brow Liner and the Liquid Eyeliner.

JORDAN: Everyone has a different favourite product. Off the top of my head (for my wife in particular), I’d say the Liquid Eyeliner, Ultra Volume Mascara, and the Liquid Brow Liner her the top choices.

PARKER: My wife loves all the products, but if she had to choose, it would be the Liquid Eyeliner, Liquid Brow Liner and Ultra Volume Mascara. My Mom loves the Ultra Volume Mascara and my sister’s favourites are the Liquid Eyeliner and Eye Pencil.


3) Why do you think they love Amaterasu?

ROSS: It’s easy to apply and remove, it’s long lasting and hypoallergenic.

TERRY: They love Amaterasu because they tell me it is the best quality.

JORDAN: Time and time again I hear everyone say that the products are dependable, and do exactly what they promise. Easy to use, long lasting and easy to wash off.

PARKER: Because it works! My wife has worn the products wakeboarding and through her labour – it didn’t come off and she looked great!


4) Additional comments you would like to share with us here:

ROSS: Our whole family loves Amaterasu products including my son who gifts them to the lucky women in his life.

TERRY: No more comments, other than he says hi to Sara and he misses you and hopes to see you soon. ( Via his wife Allison who played “interviewer” for him.)

JORDAN: Go-to gift for all of the women in my life. They make me look good in the gifting department, because everyone’s always so happy to receive something from Amaterasu.

PARKER: I don’t know much about makeup, but it’s definitely the go-to products for all the women in my life.


Thanks so much to all of our Dads for taking the time to share their comments and input! We’d love to hear more stories from the men in your life, and also do send this to the men in your life to inspire them to get more knowledge about your favourite makeup line!


Happy Father’s Day Everyone!

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