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Nomo Akisawa, Amaterasu featured photographer

There are some amazing artists out there and we love supporting them and their wonderful work. Amaterasu has partnered up with some of these artists to showcase their talent and creativity. Brand creator Sara Au Yeong works directly with each artist, providing them with a specific theme, allowing the artist to explore and interpret the theme in their own unique way.

We’re excited to present the extremely talented Photographer Nomo Akisawa who partnered with our latest Featured Artist- Tarah Kostenko on the Old Hollywood Glam theme. Nomo’s photos are stunning and truly speak for themselves. We wanted to find out more about Nomo and her work.


What inspired you to be a photographer?

I have always had an interest in art/photography growing up.  When I took photography in high school I absolutely fell in love!  So much so that I fell behind in school!

In my later years, I was following a photographer that did the most beautiful work ever, and that is what sparked me to buy a camera and start my own business.


How would you describe your photography style?

I would describe my photography style as whimsical and romantic.  I want people to feel like they are walking through a dream or a fairy tale when they are looking through my photos.


What was your favourite part of this photo shoot?

There were many aspects to this photo shoot that I loved!  Number one is that I’ve worked with Tarah & Christina many times.  I absolutely love the “Hollywood” theme that I was given.  It reminded me of the Great Gatsby era.  LOVE the chic make up with the red lips & and the hair style.


Do you think the right makeup is important in your photo shoot?

Yes definitely.  To me, it’s a key component of a gorgeous photo shoot.  If the makeup isn’t right then the photos don’t look good.


Have you worked with Amaterasu products before and if so, was it through another artist or your personal experience?

I have had a previous makeup artist use Amaterasu products.


What does ‘Empowering Beauty Everywhere’ mean to you?

Empowering beauty everywhere means that beauty truly comes from the inside.  To be comfortable in your own skin and to embrace what you have.  The most beautiful people are the ones that are most confident in their own skin.


Website :

Facebook :

Instagram : @nomo.simplysweetphotography

Phone : 778 875 1271

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