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Featured Artist Tarah Kostenko and her work

There are some amazing artists out there and we love supporting them and their wonderful work. Amaterasu has partnered up with some of these artists to showcase their talent and creativity.

Brand creator Sara Au Yeong works directly with each artist, providing them with a specific theme, allowing the artist to explore and interpret the theme in their own unique way.

We’re excited to introduce our next Featured Artist – Tarah Kostenko. Thank you to Makeup Artist Tarah, who assembled a wonderful team; they have taken our breath away over the stunning images they created. Old Hollywood Glam has never looked better thanks to Tarah, Photographer – Nomo Akisawa, Hairstylist – Jen Mathison and Model – Christina Lange.

Read more about Tarah below.

Amaterasu Featured Artist Tarah Kostenko

Where did you grow up and where are you located now?

I am currently located in North Burnaby, but grew up in Maple Ridge.


Tell us what inspired you to be a makeup artist?

I have always been interested in beauty. I would spend hours as a teenager in the bathroom playing with different styles that I would see in fashion magazines. It seemed like a natural transition once I became aware that it could be a career option.


What are some of your favourite makeup looks?

While I appreciate all avenues of makeup, beauty and editorial are my favorite. I typically work in bridal makeup and love to do creative editorials.


Do you have a signature makeup style and if so, what is it?

For me it’s all about the eyes, but my style is really about bringing out the natural beauty of my clients and not hiding it with unnecessary products.


Please share with us your experience of this photo shoot.

These ladies are the best! I have always been a fan of Nomo’s work, she does incredibly romantic beauty shots. Christina was the perfect model for a more modern old Hollywood style and Jen and I have worked together many times in the past and I had complete trust in what she wanted to create. It was a very relaxed environment where everyone had trust in one another to do their best.


What are some of your favourite Amaterasu products?

I LOVE the Liquid Brow Liners, I use them on every client I have and they are so natural but hold up in the most stressful situations. I have just started using the Liquid Eyeliner and love it for a more precise application.


If you could give a person one piece of beauty advice, what would it be?

Try everything and don’t be afraid to use a makeup product differently than its recommended. Use bronzer as eyeshadow, or lipstick as blush!


What does empowering beauty everywhere mean to you?

Always having confidence in yourself and communicating beauty positivity to those around you. Don’t be afraid to compliment someone on something you like about them. You never know that ripple effect.




Photographer: Nomo Akisawa
IG @nomo.simplysweetphotography


Hair: Jen Mathison
IG @aislehair


Model: Christina Lange
IG @christinalange_

Makeup: Tarah Kostenko
IG @tarahkostenkomakeup

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