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Amaterasu theme Romanticism by Makeup Artist Sheryl Singh

There are some amazing artists out there and we love supporting them and their wonderful work. Amaterasu has partnered up with some of these artists to showcase their talent and creativity. Brand creator Sara Au Yeong works directly with each artist, providing them with a specific theme, allowing the artist to explore and interpret the theme in their own unique way.

We’re proud to introduce our Featured Artist – Sheryl Singh. Thank you to Sheryl and her team for creating this beautiful piece for “Romanticism”. We are completely swooning over her gorgeous interpretation.

Read more about Sheryl below.


Where did you grow up and where are you located now?

I’m from the prairies, born and raised in Winnipeg and moved to Vancouver 8 years ago. I work in the financial services industry and freelance as a makeup artist in my own time.


Tell us what inspired you to be a makeup artist?

Growing up, I really liked playing with makeup, so much so that I would “make over” my younger brother. A number of years ago, I was fortunate enough to work for a couple of well-known makeup lines and it was then that I truly experienced what a powerful tool makeup can be. I was inspired each day to see makeup transform people, as little or as much as they wanted to be. The most rewarding part of being a makeup artist is seeing one’s confidence soar with a little bit of ‘this and that’ in the right places.


What are some of your favourite makeup looks?

I really like any look that incorporates my three favourite points of interest: brows, eyeliner and blush. I’m really all over the place in terms of my favourite makeup looks…I jump from the classic winged eyeliner and red lips to smoked out eyes and concealer lips. They’re all good to me!


Do you have a signature makeup style and if so, what is it?

Yes! I’ve been obsessed with brows since I was a teenager who discovered tweezers and the realization that I didn’t have to live the rest of my life with a thick and dark unibrow. Since then, I’ve been on a constant mission for perfect brows. That said, my ‘signature look’ on any given day is: bold brows, winged eyeliner and natural-toned (sometimes red) lips.

 Amaterasu Featured Artist Sheryl Singh

Please share with us your experience of this photo shoot.

My BFF Christina who is studying photography and my hubby were all part of bringing this shoot together. So you can imagine we had fun exploring photo-worthy areas in the ‘hood. I have to give models credit, it really isn’t as easy as it seems!


What are some of your favourite Amaterasu products?

This is probably an easy one to guess, based on some of my answers in this interview. I have been obsessed with Amaterasu’s Liquid Eyeliner since discovering it a year ago. Wearing winged eyeliner everyday, you can bet I have tried my fair share of liquid liners out there. What I love about Amaterasu’s is not only the true black color payoff you get, but also the density and flexibility of the liner tip. All key things in my opinion to get that ‘perfect’ set of wings. I also recently discovered their Liquid Brow Liner and really like that, too. I have to admit, the thought of liquid brow liner scared me, but do you ever get clean, precise lines with it! Not to mention, talk about staying power….just what we all need with the hot summer months coming up.


If you could give a person one piece of beauty advice, what would it be?

Invest in and take good care of your skin, plain and simple. Beautiful skin radiates through any amount of makeup. Once you have that healthy base going on, it sort of has a way of making everything else come together.


What does empowering beauty everywhere mean to you?

I feel like we have such a long way to go with this, yet we’ve made such progress at the same time, if that makes any sense. As a society, we need to continue showing diversity in the beauty industry, what ‘beauty’ means, what ‘beauty’ looks like, what ‘beauty’ feels like. Social media is such a wonderful thing, but also a damaging beast, where empowering diversity in beauty can be lost as we feel the constant need to measure ourselves to the mainstream standard of beauty. Empowering beauty everywhere to me means we need to continue creating diversity, showcasing that beauty comes in all races, all shapes and all ages.


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