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Life and Beauty with Vancouver Models Ava, Madeline, and Gosia

Makeup model 24 hour eye liner mascara Amaterasu Beauty


You’ve seen our latest social media posts and have been blown away by the stunning images and makeup looks. Well, it’s all thanks to a talented all-female team who were a joy to work with. 

Today, we want you to get to know the three wonderful models who became a part of this talented group of ladies. Keep reading learn about everything from makeup to life with Ava, Madeline, and Gosia.


Sara: How do you feel Amaterasu Beauty is different when it comes to our stance on the topic of empowering women?

Ava: Amaterasu products really didn’t feel heavy and it felt like I was enhancing my features, not changing my face. I also struggle with eczema and allergies, so a company that cares about that and not putting toxic ingredients in their makeup is great, especially since I wear contact lenses. 

Maddie: When I was at the photoshoot, Sara was telling me about how strongly she feels about empowering women, which is so great to hear. I think this idea of Sara’s was is interesting and incredible. I think the difference is that Amaterasu Beauty is different when it comes to the empowerment of women because it seems to be a very big part of the brand. I think a lot of people will love this message Amaterasu has.

Gosia: Amaterasu Beauty definitely shows a woman’s sense of self-worth and helps boost our confidence. 


Sara: Do you think it is important for a cosmetics company to care about what ingredients go into our makeup and why?

Ava: I think that it is super important, as we may not know what the long term effects certain toxins can have on our bodies when applied to skin. It is also empowering to know what we are applying on ourselves and that it is safe for our skin. I struggled with contact dermatitis when I was younger from makeup and it was difficult to heal.

Maddie: Yes of course it matters, because we are trusting the makeup company we buy from to be safe for our skin. Makeup can be expensive, so when I purchase something I want to get things that will be safe and be worth my money.

Gosia: It definitely does, as it can save our skin from allergic reactions. 


Sara: What is your favourite Amaterasu makeup and why?

Ava: My favourite is the Eye Pencils. They come in so many unique colours and I've never tried a pencil that applies as good as the Amaterasu ones. I tried your Eye Pencil in Royal and the wing was easy to apply and just as sharp as one with liquid liner.

Maddie: I love the Royal Eye Pencil, it’s such a nice pop and has so much pigment.

Gosia: My favourite is the Plum Eye Pencil, as it has a beautiful colour and it lasts a very long time. 


Sara: We are huge on giving back socially. If there is an area you would love to focus on raising awareness, what would that be and why? For example: social housing, women shelters, food banks, children's welfare, etc...

Ava: An organization I am really passionate about is Black Girls Code which is an organization that helps to provide workshops and education to inspire young girls to gain knowledge in coding. I am passionate about it because I am also a woman in engineering and I have seen there is under-representation of women, especially women of colour who are in engineering and computer science, which is unfair.

Maddie: n/a

Gosia: Children’s welfare, we need to ensure that all children live in a stable and safe environment that supports their well being and protects them from harm.


Sara: What is one thing you would like our followers to learn about you?

Ava: I really love painting and drawing. One of my favorite things to do is to paint or draw pictures of memories to give as gifts to family and friends.

Maddie: I’m a social butterfly! I love meeting new people and hearing different people’s stories :)

Gosia: I’m scared of heights but I love flying!


We’re hoping you enjoyed getting to know these wonderful women as much as we did! Thank you so much to Ava, Madeline, and Gosia for taking the time to answers our questions beautifully. 

Be sure to see all the gorgeous images of these three beauties over on our social media channels.

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