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We love looking at beautiful images and what better way to showcase life’s beauty than through the lens of the oh so addictive and eye candy gratifying app that is Instagram. We are no stranger to the life of posting photos of nice and pretty pictures but we love the inspiration that comes from looking at some of the amazing and creative ideas that other Instagram users are posting. Canada’s birthday is coming up and what better way to celebrate than to give a shout out to 10 Canadian beauty Instagram accounts we’re following right now. They will inform, inspire, teach and may even leave you with a warm fuzzy feeling all over.


1. 204PARK

Amaterasu Beauty Canadian Bloggers to Follow

Pretty just doesn’t seem to be enough to describe the photos on 204park’s Instagram account. Creator Diana has a background in interior design and her eye for style is evident when you see the jaw dropping photos she posts.



Amaterasu Beauty Canadian Bloggers to Follow

Created in 2009 by beauty and health editor Michelle Villet, beautyeditor provides honest and helpful advice on many beauty products on the market. Villet believes in creating “useful conversations” about beauty, and her tutorials and articles are chalk full of sage advice.



Amaterasu Beauty Canadian Bloggers to Follow

We absolutely adore Sarah Pankiw’s array of cool outfits and gorgeous makeup style. She’s all about showcasing fashion and beauty that’s affordable and accessible to everyone.  Her down to earth and friendly personality is perfectly captured in her posts.



Amaterasu Beauty Canadian Bloggers to Follow

Janine Falcon is a self confessed beauty geek especially when it comes to learning about makeup. The former editor and freelance makeup artist’s Instagram account is filled with helpful information on products she has tested and used as well as fun snippets from her life.



Amaterasu Beauty Canadian Bloggers to Follow

One look at Jasmine Hoffman’s account and you can’t help but get swept away by the romanticism of weddings and all that comes with it. The beautifully styled photos along with the gorgeous makeup and hair just makes us swoon.



Amaterasu Beauty Canadian Bloggers to Follow

Lelsey Mirza is a travel  & lifestyle writer from Vancouver. We love seeing her great posts of her travels, culinary adventures and fashion & beauty loves. Her interesting and engaging posts are all about having fun, feeling pretty and living life to the fullest.



Amaterasu Beauty Canadian Bloggers to Follow

Always on the lookout for the newest and latest in fashion, beauty and lifestyle, you can count on sololisa’s recommendations, as she tries everything herself and only puts her stamp of approval on products she actually believes in.



Amaterasu Beauty Canadian Bloggers to Follow

Oz and Tarah are the lovely duo at the helm of stylexbeautydept. They perfectly complement each other with their diversity and experience coming up with really pretty and useful ideas to enhance the home as well as offering great beauty advice.



 Amaterasu Beauty Canadian Bloggers to Follow

How could we not totally love Susie Wall’s trendy style?  She’s a style expert who was named one of Canada’s 50 Best Dressed by HELLO! Magazine. Her love of fashion, beauty and life is infectious.



Amaterasu Beauty Canadian Bloggers to Follow

Pretty, pretty and more pretty is how we describe thenotice. Rae Chen posts lovely images of her experience and expertise for all things beauty. She’s got great information on products she has tried and fantastic pictures to go along with them.


Be sure to check these ladies out!

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