Geisha Face Blotting Paper


Absorb excess oil, touch up your makeup, and reduce shine with Geisha Face Blotting Paper.

To achieve a flawlessly perfect complexion, Geishas and Kabuki performers have traditionally relied on blotting paper to absorb excess oil and prepare their skin for flawless makeup application. This essential step in their preparation ritual ensures that their makeup stays in place throughout their performances. Inspired by their timeless beauty practices, we proudly present our Geisha Face Blotting Paper.

Crafted from the finest quality abaca leaf, favoured by Geishas and actors alike, our Geisha Face Blotting Paper outperforms other brands by absorbing up to 6X more oil. It effectively removes shine without disrupting your makeup, making it an absolute must-have in your touch-up kit!

Freshen up your complexion, enhance your makeup's longevity and indulge in the timeless tradition of Geishas with our Geisha Face Blotting Paper. Experience the secret to a flawless and enduring beauty look.

More than one way to use the Geisha Face Blotting Paper

  • Set your Makeup: Blot your face after applying your liquid makeup to absorb excess oil found in your products. Doing this step before powdering ensures you use less product for a non-cakey look.
  • Reduce Shine: Control unwanted shine without powdering with the Geisha Face Blotting Paper. Gently pat your skin to remove excess oil from your nose, chin or forehead. Remove unwanted shine, but never dull your glow. 
  • Make your lipstick last: Blot your lipstick after application to remove excess oil. This will help create a stain-like effect to extend its wear. Then, apply another coat for a longer-lasting matte finish.
  • Keep your pores clean: Excess oil can clog pores and cause blemishes. Pat your skin with our ultra-absorbent sheets to get rid of that excess oil.
  • Prepare your brows and eyelids for makeup: Lift oil before you apply your eyeliner or brow product to ensure the product goes on dry skin, making it last even longer.

    Features and Benefits

    • 5-6X more absorbent than other blotting papers
    • Lifts oil without disturbing your makeup
    • Compact packaging, perfect for on-the-go touch-ups
    • Made from the highest grade Abaca Leaf which won’t cause discomfort or irritation
    • Ultra-thin to be gentle and safe on the skin
      How To Use

      1) Take out a sheet from the packet

      2) Firmly press the paper on the oily areas of your face. For most, that’s the T-zone—the forehead, nose, chin and area around the mouth.

      3) Leave the blotting paper on your skin for a few seconds to allow the sheet to fully absorb the excess oil.
      Only use pressing motions, avoid rubbing the paper across the skin.

      4) Use as often as you need.


      Traditional Japanese Aburatorigami Blotting Paper made from Abaca Leaf

      Storage & Care

      You can use this blotting paper directly on bare skin to quickly refresh your skin.

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