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Posted on November 15 2017


We're excited to present some new content for you in the form of videos! We feel that videos are such a great way to connect us all together and can't wait to start sharing with you. We will feature both makeup tutorials and conversations with amazing empowering women that will inspire and uplift you.

Here is the first clip from one of our favourite makeup artists Terra Claybrook, demonstrating how to use our Light Hair Brow Liner which is perfect for blondes and those with lighter hair.

In this clip, you can really see our fantastic Liquid Brow Liner in action. As you will see, one of the most amazing features of this product is its ability to go on layer by layer. Whether you want a sheer or a strong look, you can achieve either with this product.

Sweat-proof, long lasting, yet utterly natural; our Liquid Eyebrow Liner has been formulated to effortlessly fill, shape and defines your brows to perfection.

Skillfully crafted, the revolutionary shaped microfiber brush allows for ease of use, and smooth, impeccable delivery. Unlike our top-selling cult classic Liquid Eyeliner, which goes on strong and opaque, the Liquid Brow Liner is formulated for a sheer application. Layering for bolder looks is simple and effortless. Whatever kind of brow you want to create, you can do so easily with this product.

Light Hair: Perfect for all spectrums of blonde and lighter hair, including strawberry blondes.

Enjoy the makeup tutorial and don't be afraid to try some different looks with your brows this winter! This wonderful product allows you to achieve a full variety of brow looks so get creative. You may discover a new look that frames your beautiful face in a whole new light.

Perfect brows for blondes - (Amaterasu Beauty from Amaterasu Beauty on Vimeo)

 Thanks for watching and have an amazing week.


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