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This week, we are featuring Danielle Gordon a student, professional figure skater and skating coach. 

Danielle is so wise and practical for someone her age, this explains how she can handle so many things! Read on to learn about how discipline plays a key role for Danielle in her day to day life. 


Sara:  What did you think of the photo shoot with Amaterasu?

Danielle: I really liked the photo shoot! It was very casual and fun, the girls were also very easy to get along with. 


Sara: We know you are a professional figure skater. What are 3 qualities you think are important to have as an athlete?

Danielle: Three qualities that I find important to have as an athlete are time management, commitment and the ability to focus with a positive mentality. 


Sara: You also coach little kids figure skating at Connaught Club. What is one thing you learn or take away from coaching?

Danielle: After working with children for many years I have learnt how to break tasks down into simpler steps so that kids can learn them as well. 


Sara:  Most people might say it is tough managing school, professional training and a part-time job. How do you do it all?

Danielle: The way I manage to do all of these tasks at the same time is being organized and sticking to a very rigid schedule, I also get a lot of help from my parents, siblings and friends.


Sara: What does Empowering Beauty mean to you?

Danielle: Empowering beauty means being comfortable and confident in your own skin. 


Look out for next week's model feature. We can't wait to share her interview with you.


Enjoy your summer!


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