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Best Eye Makeup Watersports Gym Workout Spin Class Stays On 24 hour Amaterasu

It’s hard to find good makeup tips for sports and working out. I didn’t know what worked well, which is why I used to never go into the water without first removing all my makeup. Then I started using Amaterasu products a few summers ago and now when I do any sports or other activities, I never have to worry about my makeup running down my face.

One of my favorite summer water activities is wakeboarding. Since it’s harder to come by (because you need a speedboat and a body of water), I only go a handful of times each summer. The feeling that you get from gliding on the water’s surface is like no other. Once you pop out of the water onto your board, you instantly become weightless. Being pulled by a boat on a warm summer day is so relaxing and free feeling.

A few summers ago I decided to go wakeboarding and I was so excited that I jumped into the water forgetting about my makeup. I ended up wakeboarding around the lake and submerging my whole body from head to toe multiple times. When I returned to the boat, I realized that I forgot to take my makeup off. Worriedly, I looked at my sister and asked her if my makeup was running down my face. To my surprise, she answered, “No, it looks great!” Since then I’ve never had to worry about my makeup smudging or running while being in the water, or sweating during an activity. With no problems, I have worn in at the beach, snorkelling, surfing, wakeboarding, swimming, hiking in the tropical heat, and the list goes on. As long as I’m not rubbing my face, it will stay until I take it off!

Below are some makeup tips for sport and working out that can help your makeup last even longer throughout the day, especially if you’re going to be doing a water activity or will be sweating a lot:


    1. Wear water-proof products. This is key! In order for your makeup to stay the whole day, it has to be water-proof. I would recommend Amaterasu products because they’re sweat-proof, water-proof, but also removes easily with warm water and a little massaging of the eyes.
    2. Use a primer. This will help your makeup last longer through the day, especially if you have naturally oily skin.
    3. Do not rub or touch your face. If you’re sweaty or wet from a water activity, let it air dry or dab it, but do not rub.
    4. Use an oil free face cream. The less oily your face, the less likely your makeup will come off or move.


Once you have the right products, you can enjoy all the sports and working out activities stress-free, knowing that you’re makeup isn’t going to melt off your face.


Enjoy your workout!



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