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Workplace Toxicity and Clean Makeup and Skincare Choices

My first makeup position was at a department store in Vancouver, Canada. One of the few things I was trained to do was to make sure the entire glass counter was fingerprint free and all the lipsticks and the rims of the compacts were wiped down with rubbing alcohol, for hygienic reasons. In other words, sanitize the entire counter with lots of rubbing alcohol and glass cleaner all the time.

At the time, I did not know much about how these chemicals could harm us. Some of you may have heard of contact dermatitis, also known as eczema, and eventually it creeped up on me.

As a makeup artist, we are also exposed to very strong brush cleaners and when it comes into contact with your hands, it instantly dries your skin and in some cases opens up eczema-prone skin, like mine.  

Many of my hairstylist friends also have similar experiences but with hair dyes and hairsprays. Some are not able to do colour anymore or have to wear gloves to work. I had a conversation with a hairstylist recently and she said she is so sensitive to chemicals now that she can’t even use hair dye on her scalp.

I asked her what she is doing to detox her liver. You see, after years of inhaling, absorbing and just being around chemicals because it is part of your job there is no doubt you have overloaded your liver. A blog I read referred to our liver as the filter in our fish tank. If we don’t clean it out, how do we suppose it will work properly? 

When I created Geisha Ink, now Amaterasu Beauty, in 2008 I was not only creating another makeup brand. My criteria were that it needs to be the cleanest formula I can create without having to compromise on its performance. I know if given a choice, people will choose what is good for them. I want to be able to offer this choice to women and at the same time raise their awareness on how overexposing their bodies to chemicals can be detrimental in the long run.

Many women are also responsible for what their family uses and consumes, therefore I hope by sharing my experience they can start to make conscious decisions before purchasing their next shampoo, or bar of soap for their kids or partner.

I am always so happy to hear from various people in the industry with similar sensitivities that they can only use our Mascaras or our Eye Pencil. They love how it is so clean and yet it will not smudge or flake off all day. Some of these people work on sets where an 18 hour day is the norm and makeup that truly performs like ours is a must. Learn more about our waterproof mascara, waterproof eye liner or smudge proof mascara.

When I was 6 years old, I told my grandmother I wanted to own a business when I grow up and make lots of money. She asked what type of business and my response was, “Not just any business, the type that will positively change people’s lives.” She looked at me with the warmest smile, gave me a big hug, and told me that is why she loves me so much.


Wishing you good health!


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