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Customer Story Amaterasu Beauty


Tell us a little about yourself (i.e. your interests, occupation, etc.)

By day I work in sales for a technology company and my days can be pretty hectic from the usual early morning routine of getting everyone in the house up and ready, to working at the office during the day to numerous evening work functions. I also own a bicycle store with my husband in south Toronto. Outside of work I love discovering new adventures – from the ultimate foody experience of trying a new restaurant, to traveling to some exotic place or jumping on my dirtbike and letting my frustrations out on the dirt path.


What does your typical day look like?

In the morning, I’m usually rushing from a workout to getting ready for work while also getting my two sons fed, dressed and ready for school. Meeting with customers throughout the day takes me on the road and then back to home life with various activities with my kids.


How early do you start your morning and how late do you stay up until?

I usually have a 7 am start and depending on the day I can be up very late!


What kind of activities do you enjoy doing? (i.e. gym/yoga, work, luncheons, coffee, etc)

Boxing/training with my trainer, spinning, cycling, client dinners/lunch, morning coffee – a must!


What are your must-have Amaterasu products and why?

I could not live without the Amaterasu liquid eyeliner and mascara. I will be honest – I don’t have those luscious eyelashes that you envy on many women – so I use the mascara religiously because it actually makes me look like I have lashes. Even if it is a day where I choose not to wear makeup I don’t leave the house without a coat of mascara. The liner is amazing – I apply it in the morning and it stays put and exactly the same right into the evening – doesn’t smudge, doesn’t fade – it’s amazing!


How has your life changed ever since you have started using Amaterasu products?

My makeup routine is now so easy – no more having to try different products. I know what is good and there is no need to go to other products. I won’t lie, I have strayed to try another mascara or liner, but I always go back to Amaterasu as I haven’t found anything comparable. I love it!


 Angela Fitzpatrick


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