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Amaterasu Recommends 3 Beauty Essentials for the Holidays

It is so easy to go overboard during the holidays and I am not talking about food or alcoholic beverages. I am solely focusing on holiday looks. How many of you tend to load on way too much makeup? What about over the top manicures and countless hair appointments? It is so easy to get carried away and this makes me think, why don’t we all have a plan prior to going at it at full force? I know for myself, I have a certain look I would like to achieve this season and having that in mind will keep me much more focused and less scattered. Here are 3 beauty essentials to help you achieve that ultimate holiday look.


  • Manicured Nails– One of the things I always make sure is perfect and ready to go are my nails.  I am not a fan of garish looking nails so you won’t see my sporting jewels or piercing on them, but I am going to paint them super bright red and I know I will absolutely love them.
  • Red Lips– When I think holidays, I often think bright red lips. There is nothing more festive and sexier than a pair of luscious lips. For that reason alone, I’ll be channeling this look quite a bit this month.
  • Lashes– I am not a fan of false lashes so good mascaras are basically a necessity in my life. You’ll see me wear my very own Amaterasu Ultra Volume Mascara or Geisha Ink The Silk Mascara for my holiday looks. I love it when women come up commenting on my lashes and the next question is usually, “Who does your lash extensions?”


I think once the above are checked off, the rest should be easy breezy. The only other thing to focus on would be my eyes and the rest of my face. Of course, the dress, shoes, accessories and bag too. Fine, maybe we will always be in a bit of a chaos but it will always work out in the end.


Enjoy your holiday!

Sara Au Yeong

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