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We love that customers like yourself are taking a keen interest in animal cruelty issues particularly in the cosmetics industry. This is how we can all make a difference.

We didn't end up going the route to get all our products verified due to the high cost associated with each test. We are a small company and we needed to decide how we can do our very best in this area. The high cost associated in removing the average ingredients and replacing them with cleaner ingredients was a lengthy process and as a result, our cost per product is much higher than other makeup brands out there. 

We feel that this is where we need to invest our money in order to serve those who are highly sensitive or even going through cancer treatments. This is not to say, we will not ever get verified. It is something we are very interested in still.

The labs we work with are based in Japan and this is also where the eye makeup is manufactured. The lab that manufactured our Eye Pencils confirmed it is a vegan and they have been in business for over 100 years in Japan. Another lab that worked on our Liquid Eyeliners also confirmed our formula is vegan however this company is really by the books therefore they said unless we decide to test the ingredients through a 3rd party lab, they advise we should not list that in our product description and that is what we did accordingly. Our Kabuki Brush is also vegan.

Our mascaras do contain beeswax.