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Our eye makeup are sold extensively in lash bars across Canada and the US. Some of the top sellers at lash bars are our Liquid Eyeliner, all of our mascaras and Eye Pencil. 

Below, I have specifically shared an excerpt from one of my blogs that titled 'The Best in Between Fill Mascara'.


According to Veronica Tran from Pretty in The City, one of the first estheticians in Toronto to train in the art of eyelash extensions in an interview with us a few years ago, Massive Length is also her mascara of choice. Veronica is no stranger in the lash extension industry. Her craft has appeared in many national magazines including Flare, FASHION, Elle Canada, Elevate, REFINERY29, and Best Health.

"Massive Length is one of the best lengthening mascaras on the market as it provides ample length to your lashes without the goopy clumps. I find it’s a great solution to fill in the ‘gaps’ in-between fills, where extensions are missing. Apply on natural lashes to build the length to fill in the spots and even out the lash line. Since lash extension adhesive has great tensile strength (meaning that it is difficult to ‘pull' off your extensions once on, but weaker strength if you rub side to side), warm water and gentle pulling to clean off mascara will not damage existing extended lashes. After that, cleanse the lashes with a good, oil free cleanser to clear any oils that have accumulated over the course of the day. The extensions that do come off during cleaning were already loosened and ready to fall off anyway," says Veronica.  

When I designed the Massive Length Mascara, I wanted to look like I had lash extensions. This formula truly caters to those who are looking to elongate and keep their lashes curled all day, thanks to its revolutionary lengthening and curling formula. I also made sure this dream mascara is waterproof, smudge-proof and flake-proof, to keep it consistent with the rest of our collection.

Amaterasu Massive Length Mascara comes with a specially designed curved brush for swift and easy application. I love to use this mascara on my barely there lower lashes. It lengthens, thickens and also creates an illusion of larger, more alert looking eyes. 


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