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Our Company Policy on Animal Testing Cruelty Free

1) We do not test our finished products or ingredients on animals at any point during production.

2) Our ingredients are not tested on animals by our suppliers or any third party.

3) Amaterasu currently does not sell in Mainland China because animal testing is mandatory on beauty products.

Amaterasu is proudly a clean beauty brand. At the moment, we do not have any immediate plans to sell into China due to the current animal testing regulations required by the Chinese Government. Should their policy get updated in the future we would certainly re-visit the idea. We hope more countries and companies will adopt a more ethical policies in the making and importing of beauty products.

We do ship to Hong Kong. The short of it is that brands are able to sell in Hong Kong and remain cruelty-free!

While Hong Kong is technically a part of China, Hong Kong does not have the same testing laws as mainland China. Mainland China currently requires animal testing on the large majority of cosmetic and beauty products.

We are committed to offering you a collection of clean products that you can feel good about using. We believe in offering you the very best quality products that are high performing, ethical and free from harmful chemicals and preservatives.