Amaterasu Pro Application

To apply, fill out the Amaterasu Pro application and upload your photo ID and professional documentation (current, within one year). Within 1-3 weeks you will receive an approval and you can begin enjoying your Pro Artistry membership benefits.

  • Select only one Category/ Profession. You will have to prove your selection by providing one photo ID and two accepted pieces of professional criteria that indicate your chosen profession.
  • Required professional identification must be current (within one year) and indicate your name and specific profession. Amaterasu Pro reserves the right to request additional professional documentation at any time. Amaterasu Pro reserves the right to reject the application for any reason.

    Upload 3 Forms of Documentations Examples include:
    • Magazine Tear Sheet with name credit
    • Up-to-Date Union Card
    • Active Professional License (For Estheticians)
    • Contract from Production Company
    • Crew/Call List
    • IMDB Credit
    • Working Professional Website with sample work
    • Business cards with work title
    • Composite Card (for models/actors)


Thank you for your application!