Organic Superlative Matcha 30g
Organic Superlative Matcha 30g
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Organic Superlative Matcha 30g

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What is Matcha?

Matcha has made its way into many food items in North America such as smoothies, health bars, snacks and even ice cream. But what is Matcha anyways? Matcha tea was once used predominantly in traditional Japanese tea ceremony. It was a ritual and this practice eventually became my own personal daily ritual.

Essentially, matcha is ground up green tea but there is more to it. The part that is designated for matcha is covered with a cloth to shade it before it is ready for harvest. As a result, this yield a more pronounce flavour and a more complex texture overall.

The leaves are hand harvested, lightly steamed in order to stop the fermentation and then dried and aged in a cool temperature control area. This process further deepens the flavour of matcha also known as 'umami'. Once the leaves are dried, it is then stone ground into powder. It is a very labour intensive process from start to finish.

How did I learn about Matcha?

I was living intermittent in Japan as a child and was introduced to many traditional foods since I was about 4 years old. It was easy to fall in love with the endless assortment of food items as well as the cultural aspect and symbolism behind these foods. 

I've always love the clean, green and slightly bitter taste of this tea. Funny story: So, I mentioned to my aunt that I really LOVE matcha. She shared this with my cousins and all 4 of them bought me matcha in different forms ie. powdered, teabag, etc...


Flavour profile of Nakai Superlative Matcha (exclusive to Amaterasu Beauty)

  • Delicious flavour
  • Hint of sweetness
  • Strong umami
  • Very smooth

Benefits of Matcha

  • Contains caffeine but unlike coffee, it is a slow release process so no jittery feelings
  • High in antioxidant
  • Up to 5 times more L-theanine than regular green tea


How to incorporate Matcha into your daily ritual?

I drink my matcha in the morning, after breakfast. It reminds me to slow down and have a zen day. Stress leads to flight and fight mode


How to prepara Matcha?

Be sure to sift this matcha prior to mixing it with hot water, using a Japanese bamboo whisk. I use a small wooden teaspoon and add 1 scoop into a matcha bowl. Again, if you must improvise a wider mug or a small shallow soup bowl will also work.

There were several occasions when I do not have a bamboo whisk, so I ended up using an electronic frother. Although it gets the job done, the preparation process is supposed to remind you to 'slow down' and enjoy the present moment. 


INGREDIENTS: Certified Organic Green Tea

All sales are final on tea, no returns or exchanges please!


History of Nakai Tea House

The Nakai family has been cultivating tea in the village of Wazuka, Kyoto since the late 17th century. The 6th tea master, Masao Nakai started Japan's very first organic tea farming in 1980.  

I learned about Nakai Tea House from my Aunt Yumiko who resides in Osaka. She and I share many similar interests and one of them is to sought out healthy alternatives especially when it comes to our food and beauty products.