Product Tips


How should I store my liquid eyeliner, liquid brow liner and mascara?

Ensure that the cap is closed tightly on all Amaterasu Beauty products to prevent product from drying out. Note: Liquid liner cap will click when properly closed. Store liquid eyeliner and liquid brow liner horizontally to ensure optimal ink flow. Optimal storage temperature between 5 – 25°C / 41 – 77°F. Avoid extreme heat or cold.

How do I keep my mascara wand fresh?

Wipe mascara wand once every 2-3 weeks with paper towel. Mascara will behave as if it were new. Note: Avoid the use of toilet/facial tissue as tiny fibers will deposit onto the mascara wand.

What can I do to prolong the wear of my eye products?

Before applying all makeup, always blot and powder the application area to create a perfectly oil-free base.  While Amaterasu eye makeups are waterproof, smudge-proof and sweat-proof, facial oil will shorten its wear; additionally, it can clog applicator tips. Throughout the day, the use of blotting tissues will gently lift any excess oil and maintain makeup longevity.

What if it feels like my brush tip is already clogged?

Draw a few lines on a paper towel to help remove debris – oil, eyeshadow, primers – from the tip. If this fails, run the tip under room temperature water (no soap required) for approx. 10 seconds and then return to drawing on the paper towel. NOTE: Filtered water is preferable for the cleaning of all tips and brushes.