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Many of our clients told us they have stopped wearing makeup for years due to sensitivity. It wasn't until they were recommended our products by family members, friends or their estheticians and hairstylists.

Conventional makeup products are made with very toxic ingredients that could cause irritation to the eyes and skin. Overtime, this could lead to toxicity in our organs. When our liver is overburdened, it can no longer do its work therefore we become more and more sensitive and as a result, react to many more topical beauty products, foods or even the environment (think seasonal allergies, fumes, etc...)

I personally have suffered from severe reactions and could not eat out for 3 years or else my face would swell up or my eczema would flare out of control. I had a wake up call as a result. Although, I have always lead a very healthy lifestyle of eating right, exercising frequently and practice mindfulness my fast pace work life especially during product development results in very little sleep. My brain would always be wired with new ideas day and night. In fact, I have very little personal time to relax and play.

Without going too off track, I am proud to say even during my extreme case of sensitivity, I was able to use all of the Amaterasu makeup without reacting. I tested each one of the eye makeup products during this phase. It is scary when your allergist tells you jokingly: "You may as well live in a bubble." I was asked to stay off 65 items from both food and the environment. It was no fun.

I slowly rebuild my immune system because I will not accept this limitation to live. Several years later, I started receiving hand written notes from cancer patients telling me how grateful they are as they can finally draw in their eyebrows with our Brow Pen. It is more opaque then our Liquid Brow Liner and since these patients have no brow left, they wanted a clean makeup line that will also not smudge off. This was not possible until their nurses or hairstylists shared the Amaterasu brand with them. 

There were also emails from contact lens wearers that are very happy with our eye makeup as it did not irritate their eyes. A few women said they could never used any brown eyeliners but they could use ours. This is because we do not use a certain red pigment in our brown shades. Many brands will use whatever it takes to create a select colour as it may be popular but I refuse to do so. I rather educate my customers as to why we don’t make certain shades as I have their long term well being in mind.

If you have sensitive eyes or skin and have looked everywhere, I am happy you have found us here. I hope our makeup could also change your life like the rest of our customers.

Check out my book on how I heal my chronic eczema here!

Be well!