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Amaterasu Brand Ambassador Program


Thank you for being part of Amaterasu’s Brand Ambassador Program. Our motto is Empowering Beauty Everywhere and it’s great to have you help us in sharing that beauty all around. Amaterasu embodies the qualities of the Japanese Sun Goddess it’s named after, illuminating beauty, brilliance and light. We’ve got a stellar line up of high-quality, easy to use beauty products, and each piece in the collection has been carefully crafted and developed to ensure outlasting performance that looks beautiful and feels amazing.

The Amaterasu Brand Ambassador Program provides you with a unique tracking link that’s connected to the Amaterasu website. This link tracks visits and sales.

Here’s some information to help get you started.



When you first sign in to your account you will be taken to the Brand Ambassador URL page where you can see your username and your unique referral URL. This unique referral URL is for the whole website, so wherever you post it, when it’s clicked, the user will be re-directed to the Amaterasu website, and if the user decides to purchase, you receive a commission.

There is also an option to create your own unique URL if you are looking to promote a specific Amaterasu product. This is a “deep-link” which links to a specific page within the Amaterasu site, which can help provide your users with an easier navigation and purchasing experience.


For example, if you want to promote the Amaterasu Liquid Eyeliner then you would click “Change URL”, then copy and paste that product page URL ( in the “your referral link” field and hit the SAVE button to receive your own specific referral URL that you can then share with your followers. And what’s better, if the user purchases the Liquid Eyeliner and any other products during that same visit, you will get the commission for those purchases!



You can access your statistics through your Ambassador account. On this page you can monitor your performance. This pages shows the following data:

  • The number of friends who have visited our site 
  • The number of friends who have signed up with us
  • Purchases made by friends



Each time a referral/purchase is generated, it is assigned a status:

  • commissions upcoming – This is a referral/purchase that has been generated but is not yet confirmed by Amaterasu
  • commissions due – This is a confirmed referral/purchase that is waiting to be paid out to you
  • commissions paid – This is a referral/purchase that has been paid to you by Amaterasu



Brand Ambassadors are paid a 15% commission percentage based on all verified sales to Customers excluding taxes, fees, and shipping. 

We have also created a 2nd tier of commissions. For anyone you sign up to be a Brand Ambassador, you will receive a 5% commission off of their sales.



Your verified sales commissions will be automatically paid to your account monthly in CAD $.
Payments will be made through PayPal. Please ensure your PayPal account and email address attached to your PayPal account is up to date.



You will be notified when a referral/purchase has been made through your personal Ambassador URL. 



Please note that Ambassadors cannot use their own referral link to get paid. If anyone is found to be using one’s own referral link, that account will be terminated immediately.



If you have any other questions or concerns, please send us an email at


To sign up

If you want to be part of the program please create your account in the following link: 

Amaterasu Brand Ambassador Sign Up.