Organic Uji Kabusecha 100g

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What is Uji Kabushecha green tea?

Kabusecha is shaded for approximate 1-2 week prior to harvest, which results in its delicate yet intensely beautiful taste profile. The word 'kabuseru' means to cover in Japanese, hence this is where the tea has gotten its name from originally.

Low tea astringency, which results in a delightful umami flavour.


Flavour Profile of Nakai Organic Uji Kabusecha

  • Smooth yet with intense flavour
  • Middle ground between Gyukoro and Sencha
  • Bright, grassy and creamy


How to brew

Use filter water

Steep in 70 - 80 Celsius water for 60 - 90 seconds


INGREDIENTS: Certified Organic Green Tea

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History of Nakai Tea House

The Nakai family has been cultivating tea in the village of Wazuka, Kyoto since the late 17th century. The 6th tea master, Masao Nakai started Japan's very first organic tea farming in 1980.  

I learned about Nakai Tea House from my Aunt Yumiko who resides in Osaka. She and I share many similar interests and one of them is to sought out healthy alternatives especially when it comes our food and beauty products.


Certified Organic Green Tea

How To Use

Use filter water

Steep in 70 - 80 Celsius water for 60 - 90 seconds

Product Tips

Store in cool and dry areas, away from humidity or heat

Clean Makeup

Paraben Free


Phthalate Free