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Geisha Ink is Now Amaterasu

Amaterasu (pronounced AH-mah-tay-RAH-su) is a Canadian cosmetics company based in Vancouver, British Columbia. The name is inspired by the art and beauty of the Japanese Sun Goddess who brought light and brilliance to illuminate the world. Launched as Geisha Ink in 2008 by internationally renowned Canadian make-up artist Sara Au Yeong, the newly named brand emphasizes strength, empowerment and elegance while still retaining Geisha Ink’s original and iconic style. It specializes in innovative cosmetics that are long-lasting and beautiful for the modern day woman. Amaterasu offers a stellar line-up of exceptional products that no cosmetics bag is complete without. It includes the hugely popular Amaterasu Liquid Eyeliner which is based on the brand’s revolutionary formula and has become a staple for many professional make-up artists. This eyeliner has gained a devoted celebrity following both locally and internationally and has been featured in countless magazines and blogs, including Vogue and Elle. It is consistently ranked as one of the top selling liquid eyeliners out there.


Where it all began

Sara always knew from a young age that her passion and love was for the fashion industry. Always ahead of the curve, her friends often turned to her for fashion and make-up advice. She went on to receive a scholarship to fashion design school and graduated at the top of her class in the make-up program. She began her career in Canada by working for an indie cosmetics company, and from the get-go her passion and skills shined through. Her supervisor quickly took notice and within a short time she was promoted to a managerial position. Sara didn’t stop there and went on to obtain her business degree. She was scouted even before her graduation by LVMH and The L’Oreal Group with offers from Toronto, Los Angeles and New York.


Sara’s talents have taken her from fashion styling, international make-up training, cosmetics buying to teaching. She has headed many fashion shows and worked on countless weddings. If that is not enough, she also makes time to mentor young budding artists and still styles for her regular clients.


But Sara’s true passion has always been to create a brand of make-up which encompasses the best of the best, as she is a big believer of quality and make-up is no exception. Her vision for Amaterasu embodies products that outperform what is available in the marketplace. Her signature cat eye look inspired her to create her first ever make-up product, the best-selling Amaterasu long-lasting liquid eyeliner. Naturally, a super volumizing mascara which she calls the ‘Ultra Volume’, a product that every woman desires, followed suit.


Amaterasu is born

In 2006, Sara was invited to be the head make-up artist for the televised event Pageant School: Becoming Miss America.  She trained contestants on professional make-up techniques and in addition, meticulously assembled their make-up kits, ensuring to include only the best products available at the time. As always, she faced quite a challenge in locating an excellent eyeliner and mascara that wouldn’t smudge under hot lights. No products at the time met her expectations and this is what helped plant the seed that would push her to create her own cosmetics line.


Fate stepped in the following year when Sara made a trip to Japan to visit her relatives. She has been a regular visitor since childhood and deeply admires how they embrace innovation while respecting their culture. She met a cosmetics manufacturer that shared her vision and that lead to the first product being born. Since then, she has honed the formula to meet her high standards, including the removal of parabens and other pesky ingredients, giving women the perfect tool to create the sultriest and most-sought after cat eye look. The collection has also expanded to include other staples from mineral foundations to brow liners, all of which are frequently mentioned on social media.


Amaterasu does not compromise when it comes to providing top notch professional-quality make-up. Each exceptional product in the collection has been thoughtfully planned and created to ensure optimal performance. This is a brand that combines art, tradition and culture in a modern world, bringing effortless beauty and perfection to women everywhere.  


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Why Amaterasu is paraben-free

Why Amaterasu is Paraben-free

Years ago, when I was a cosmetics project consultant my clients would often ask if it was ok to use parabens in their formulations. Some felt that including parabens was the best choice as other suitable and more cost effective options were not as easily available.


Parabens are used as a preservative in skincare and cosmetics to prevent cross contamination and bacteria growth. They are often listed on your skincare products as methylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben, isobutylparaben, butylparaben and benzylparaben.


My personal recommendation is to always remove parabens and opt for a cleaner alternative. For this reason, we are happy to say that the Amaterasu collection is paraben-free, as we believe that there is no reason to tax our body with added and unnecessary ingredients when better solutions exist.


I am committed to always trying to find and use the cleanest alternatives available in our collection without compromising on performance and quality.


Thanks for reading, and here’s to good health!


Sara Au Yeong, Creator–Amaterasu